Phone Systems

Is an On-Premise Solution Right for Your Business?

Ask the VoIP phone system experts in Vandalia, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

Since the advent of IP telephony, more and more companies are switching from traditional telephone systems to VoIP technology. Researching the benefits online is a good starting point, but it shouldn't be all you do. Consult the experts at Nebula Solutions Inc. in Vandalia, Dayton and Cincinnati, OH to determine whether an on-premise VoIP telephone system is right for your business.

Switching to a VoIP phone system could...


  • Improve customer service due to advanced voicemail flexibility
  • Prevent the need for a call center due to additional contact center features
  • Improve communication across multiple locations due to an integrated network







Businesses of any size can benefit from on-premise VoIP telephone systems. Call 937-264-8112 now to find out if you should upgrade to a VoIP phone system.


Want to keep existing digital endpoints?

Want to keep existing digital endpoints?

If so, an on-premise digital IP phone system might be the solution you need. This hybrid communication solution combines digital, analog and IP telephony technology with unified communication applications.

Business owners can connect a hybrid phone system with a networked system to increase capacity and improve communication between decentralized business locations. Contact Nebula Solutions in Vandalia, Dayton or Cincinnati, OH today to learn more.