cloud based phone

cloud based phone

Cloud Based Phone Systems

The Cloud has made an affordable hosted world-class phone system a reality for the SMB and Small Enterprise markets. Cloud-hosted phone systems are not only affordable and reliable;they also provide remote and mobile employees the ability to stay connected providing companies of all sizes the opportunity to look at alternate methods of conducting business, while gaining new levels of productivity.

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On Premise VOIP

There is an IP telephone system available for every type of business and you can opt for the one that suits your business needs. Features that support both large as well as the ones that are the basic needs of small business can be found in this system. IPedge from Toshiba is most suited for the businesses that wish to deploy premise based IP unified communication to all its offices and branches.  

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On Premise Digital IP

If you wish to retain the existing digital endpoints yet have access to advanced telephony features then Strata® CIX™ is the appropriate communication system for you. This communication solution from Toshiba will help you to enjoy a mix of Digital, analog, IP telephony along with the latest applications of unified communication. You will also be able to tag the on-premise systems to networked systems for increasing the capacity and even improving communication between decentralized locations. 

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