What are the Advantages of VoIP Telephony?

If you are considering switching to VoIP technology, then it’s wise to understand just what this type of service can do for your company. Here we outline several advantages of incorporating VoIP technology into your business operations.

1. VoIP is Adaptable to Fit Your Business Needs

It can be difficult to properly predict exactly how many phone lines you may need at your place of business over the course of a year or more, and when relying on a conventional telephone system, it’s important to estimate correctly so you don’t overspend, or under purchase equipment. With VoIP, this is not an issue. You can easily add or remove a line whenever you need to, ensuring that you always have the proper amount of line’s available for your business’ requirements.

2. VoIP Offers a Variety of Features

If you enjoy the features of a traditional phone system, you won’t be missing out on any of them when switching to VoIP. All features you relied on with a traditional system are also available through hosted VoIP systems, such as: call transfer, conference calling, call holding, auto-phone menus, and more!  By choosing VoIP, you can hold onto all your favorite features, while gaining a few more that will further benefit your business.

3. VoIP Is Easy to Install and Maintain

No matter what your technical knowledge, one big benefit of VoIP Phones is that they are very easy to install. You won’t need to rely on a professional technician to install wiring throughout your building; in fact, with VoIP, you can easily get your service up and running with little to no technical expertise. This type of software also enables you to quickly and easily add new users and offers a convenient web portal where the system’s configuration can easily be modified. The only thing you will need to configure VoIP is IP phones.

4. Send Faxes through VoIP

Another great feature of VoIP technology is that it supports virtual faxing or “IP faxing”. There’s no need for a fax machine; just simply send and receive faxes using the email account associated with a hosted VoIP system.

5. Employees’ Numbers Are Accessible Anywhere

If your business has employees who travel a lot, or are not “on sight” at all times, hosted VoIP systems are extremely advantageous. With a hosted VoIP system, users can access a portal, which allows them to reconfigure the system to meet their needs. Since the system features cloud-hosted telephony, calls can be redirected to essentially anywhere in the world!

6. You’ll Save Money with VoIP

With traditional systems, setup is intrusive and complicated, and any needed repairs can become quite costly depending on the configuration. With VoIP, setup is minimal, which lowers installation costs considerably. And, each VoIP call itself costs less than calls made through conventional telephone systems; this can really add up in savings if your business makes a lot of international calls.

Considering VoIP for Your Business? Give Nebula a Call Today!

Now that you’ve discovered the numerous advantages a VoIP system can provide to your business, it just makes sense to switch to VoIP. At Nebula Solutions, we are a leading provider of telecommunications and can help you navigate through the world of VoIP to help you get the best system to fit your business’ (and your budget’s) needs. If you’re in the Dayton area, or beyond, we can help! Call us today at (888) 257-0955.

The Secret to Staying Connected With Remote Employees

If you’re a company with both an office and remote employees, you have likely seen a difference in how your in office staff communicates and how your remote team communicates. The logistics of being able to meet up for lunch, or around the watercooler, creates a convenience for in office staff that helps create and maintain connections.

So how do you stay connected with remote employees? The solution is simple and for businesses that take the steps to establish seamless remote communications, it helps to solidify remote staff as the integral part of your team that they truly are.

Tools for Remote Communications

I know what you’re thinking – “Tools? That means extra money doesn’t it?” – not quite. All of the tools that assist in remote communications are tools that your company should already be utilizing to communicate remotely within your building. Tools such as Slack, 15Five and Google Hangouts, are essential for effective business communications and employee engagement and management.

Slack provides instant communication with its chat functionality for groups of all sizes. 15Five allows managers to monitor the productivity and morale of their team and gives employees an opportunity to voice their opinion, ask questions and feel connected to the overall objective of the company. Google Hangouts and other video call services, allow for the “face-to-face” communication that most of us are accustomed to. These tools are what allow for entire companies to be remote and make business communication seamless for teams of all sizes and functions.

Tactics that Promote Remote Relations

If your organization is struggling to establish connections with its remote employees, there a few tactics that remote companies utilize to stay connected regardless of the distance between employees.

Robust Onboarding – Establish the importance of a new employee right from the start. Put new hires on the spot in an onboarding meeting, give them a spotlight feature in your company’s newsletter or have them fill out a survey that covers some basic information, as well as leaves room for a couple fun facts or interesting stories.

Company Newsletter – The transparency and involvement of a company newsletter can help keep employees informed of what’s happening with the organization and their coworkers. Make room for employee bios and fun facts to help spark conversations and promote collaboration.

Team Meetings (Fun) – Having a regular meeting that is focused around fun, getting-to-know-you games and activities is a great way to connect with your remote employees. Have a different employee host the call and generate the game in order to involve your entire team.

Hangout Channel – Create a channel for communication that is solely focused on weekend plans, shows to binge and pictures of pets and kids. This creates a virtual water cooler for remote employees to gather around and feel the same comradery that in-house employees do.

Establishing a Culture of Remote Business

No matter the tools and tactics you try, if you don’t establish your remote teams as integral members of your organization, then you run the risk of your remote employees detaching from the rest of the company. Staying connected is as much about the intent to involve your remote employees in the same ways in which you would involve your in-office staff. Make sure that your employees understand that they should take the time to get to know their remote co-workers on a professional and personal level. Encourage diverse and in-depth conversations and most importantly, lead by example. Get to know your “virtual” staff and allow the convenience of technology to break down the barrier of space between you and your many team members.

Nebula Solutions is dedicated to creating virtual connections on all levels. Whether you are tasking an employee with a project, closing a sale or generating a close connection that will last forever, you need the right phone and internet systems to make it happen. To better connect with your team, contact Nebula Solutions today and for more business communications advice, bookmark our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.