VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service & Contact Center Integration

Last month we spoke about Unified Communication and Service Providers. Let us now look at VoIP Phone Service integration in a contact center. Unified Communications (UC) is one of the most popular subjects currently. Several companies maintain the traditional TDM voice network along with a separate data network. Smaller companies don’t have adequate budget to

Hosted VoIP

PSTN vs Hosted VOIP – An Analysis

VoIP, and hosted VoIP, in particular, is the new age communication technology that is gradually replacing the PSTN technology. However, the latter still has not lost its relevance. The traditional analogue technology or the PSTNs are still used by a large portion of users. However, the VoIP is a much cheaper and more user-friendly alternative

Unified Communication & Service Providers

Unified Communication & Service Providers

Why It Is Crucial To Have Alliance With A Service Provider For UC? Let us at first understand what Unified Communication or UC is. This is important before we get into the topic. Unified Command is the integration of different real-time communication services like instant messaging, VoIP, mobility features, web, and audio on a common

What is Cloud Computing? A Non-Technical Perspective

Cloud computing has turned into lifeblood for the enterprises as well as customers. If businesses want to win the race, they will have to get on board quickly. Several people believe that Cloud is nothing but the same old wine in a new bottle. Logic behind this belief is that cloud computing is just a

Conferencing Solution & Online Professional Courses

Over the past decade VoIP as a communication technology has revolutionized the way we manage our conferencing solution. The use of broadband Internet to make calls instead of the analog or conventional phone system is simply amazing. It allows a greater degree of freedom to users and at the same time allows better communication over

Future of Telecommunication and Internet of Things

For businesses, telecommunication is the primary driver. At present, roughly 3.2 billion people are in some way or the other connected to the Internet. People share information amongst themselves in one form or the other by using the Internet. And with every passing day, that number is rising at a rocketing pace. However, in the days

Big Data & IP Mobile Networks

In this article we will be looking at IP Mobile Networks and Big Data. Big data is a holistic term, which includes a wide variety of new methods and technologies. These are are designed to collect, manage and, analyse an incredibly large volume of data in real time. Of late, this has been considered as

5 VOIP Tools For Communication System

The introduction of VoIP has not only revolutionized the realm of communication system, but has also paved the ways for invention of certain tools that have collectively or individually made our life easier. Though VoIP delivers advanced technology to the customers, the values are not necessarily recognized by the users. Today you can use a

How Conferencing Solution Helps In Cost Cutting

Technology has made this world a much smaller place. This is true in every aspect of our daily lives. The world of telecommunication is no exception. With the introduction of video conferencing technology, the world of telecommunication has got smaller and the process has become much faster. However, the most remarkable benefit that the latest

5 Reasons Why Employees Dislike VOIP Phone

The entire world of telecommunications has been through a transformation after the introduction of VoIP Phone System. More and more companies, regardless of their scale and size, are opting for this new state-of-the-art communication technology. However, not everything is good in VoIP. In fact, there are some reasons which are more than enough to make