3 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Business

All business owners and managers want what is best for their company and employees. However, sometimes a company’s practices, procedures, and inner-office systems can be holding them back without them even realizing it. It’s important for business owners and managers to recognize the subtle ways that their company may be held back from success so

How Telecom Consulting Can Save Your Business Money

Telecommunications not only plays a big role in how businesses communicate internally and with customers, but it can also have a significant impact on business growth. Telecom consulting services help you optimize your telecom budget and cut costs where possible. By accessing your communication needs and helping you implement the correct equipment and services, companies

Telecom 2016: A Year in Review

The telecommunications industry is continuing to change and expand every year. Businesses that want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace will need to keep their eye on telecom developments and adopt new products and services that help them better meet business demands. The year in review below covers just a few of the 2016

Small Business VoIP

Integrating Small Business VOIP With CRM

Close top 80% of large businesses have adopted VoIP and some of them are leaders and trend setters. At the same time, small business VoIP is also getting popular and the adoption rate in increasing daily. But just adoption is not enough. The new technology has to be integrated into your daily business activities. Voice

IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems Customization – Simple or Hard?

IP Phone Systems are part of new telecommunication technologies that are changing the world. Starting or carrying out business ventures has never been an easy task. They are marked by challenges and ups and downs. One of the most crucial aspects of running a business is whether to adopt a new emerging technology or stick

Business Problems that UC Addresses

For those who are looking to make sure that their businesses run with all the efficiency and acumen, it is imperative that they take the best possible step forward to implement the concept of UC, or, unified communications. Unified Communication or UC essentially means a communication system, wherein any kind of message that is sent

3 Cloud Phone Myths That Are Barriers for Collaboration

Businesses across the world are migrating to the cloud phone but there are still some who haven’t embraced the change. Obvious reasons for not making the move exist and this often includes concerns pertaining to security, productivity and adoption costs. The legacy tools for file sharing and collaboration can’t match the needs and pace of

Unified Communication Market

Unified Communication Market in 2020

Companies across the globe are competing fiercely. They are aware how organizational and workforce mobility will play an important role in achieving their goals. The Unified Communication market will be the biggest gainer from this competition as it eyes $75.5 billion in revenues by the end of 2020. Smartphones are penetrating every household and this

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service & Contact Center Integration

Last month we spoke about Unified Communication and Service Providers. Let us now look at VoIP Phone Service integration in a contact center. Unified Communications (UC) is one of the most popular subjects currently. Several companies maintain the traditional TDM voice network along with a separate data network. Smaller companies don’t have adequate budget to

Hosted VoIP

PSTN vs Hosted VOIP – An Analysis

VoIP, and hosted VoIP, in particular, is the new age communication technology that is gradually replacing the PSTN technology. However, the latter still has not lost its relevance. The traditional analogue technology or the PSTNs are still used by a large portion of users. However, the VoIP is a much cheaper and more user-friendly alternative