Mobile Phone and Business App Integration

The day-to-day communications at the office has undergone a sea of change since the introduction of Cloud telephony. We are not used to making calls from our mobile phones by clicking on any app. With VoIP, everything is a session that runs from an application. We can even receive our voicemails, fax messages, and even check the presence of others on the same network – courtesy of the different types of apps that help integrate VoIP on our mobile phones. Now, communication is being powered through the integration of business apps that include VoIP. Communication systems are able to take advantage of availing real-time data from business apps and all this can be easily done from our mobile phone or smartphones.Mobile Apps Integration

Unified communication solutions are being deployed in several organizations as they implement their policy of integrating communications tools, applications and business apps on a common platform. Communication is being easily powered by real-time data fetched from the integrated business apps. For instance, whenever a customer calls the company, the executives receiving the calls can get complete details of the customer on their screen. Thus, they are in a better position to answer or make an upsell during customer calls. The agents receiving the calls can easily and efficiently handle customer issues and this helps the company impress the clients with the level of customer care service they provide.

The unified communications (UC) available in the market can all be integrated with the business applications. Data pertaining to various business processes are fed into the system on a regular basis and all this data is stored in a central database. When UC is integrated with business applications, various data pertaining to different business processes can be fetched from the central database for use during communication.

Some of the prominent benefits of integrating mobile phone and business app are:


Your employees will be able to focus on core business processes, as it would not take more than 2 to 3 seconds to call a particular number. Thus, they would be able to collaborate with other departments, colleagues, business associates and clients without losing too much time. This would eventually make every business activity more efficient. The overall advantage of a rise in efficiency will be reflected in the form of satisfied customers and higher productivity.


You and your employees will be in a better position to provide efficient and quick service to the clients because all necessary info about a caller will be visible on the screen. So, every time a caller calls, prior to answering the call you will be shown the appropriate information about the customer. This feature will be available when you are either receiving or making calls from your mobile phones. Even when your employees are away from their desks, they can benefit from information pertaining to the callers or the clients they are going to call.


Business heads and managers will be able to keep an eye on all the critical business metrics from their mobile phones as they are able to combine the data between the business applications and phone systems. They would be able to track the performance of the sales, service, and various other business operations without any hassle.


The call records are all automatically fed into the system and the process is completely automated. So, your employees are able to work freely with clients and business associates. They will also be equipped with all the analyses and reports before communicating with the clients. All this provides your business with the edge you need to outwit your competitors.

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