Finding the Best VoIP Business Phone Solution

Phone calls are probably one of the more common contact points between your business and your clients. We’re not going to discuss the importance of having a business phone because, frankly, that goes without question.

However, finding the right provider to set up IP business phone systems for you is a much larger challenge. There’s an endless list of options to consider. Luckily, you can narrow down your starting point by answering a few of the questions below.

What Features Are You Looking For?

For the most part, IP business phone systems must be able to make and receive calls but its abilities should not be limited to this. Knowing what you and your business needs is a crucial step in finding the ideal system to install.

For example, are you looking at handling multiple voice and video phone conferences in between office branches? Do you want IVRs? Call queues? Be prepared to ask your provider these questions for a start.

What Costs Do Are You Expecting?

This is important when deciding the type of IP business phone systems you want in your workplace. You can select an on-site VoIP server which doesn’t have a monthly fee but costs more during initial installation. On the other hand, a hosted solution will be cheaper right off the bat, but becomes a big money drain in the long run. Make sure to ask your specialist to find out the right type for your budget.

What Do You Already Have?

This is often an overlooked question when shopping for IP business phone systems, but it remains important nevertheless. A PSTN or a Public Switched Telephone Network is an old system but remains to be an existing infrastructure in most office settings. Be prepared to know if it’s better to invest in replacements now, or stick to legacy connections for the time being.

Contact the Call Experts at Nebula Solutions, Inc.

Having the answers to these few questions is no guarantee that you’ll find the right solution for your business, but it does give you a reasonable place to start your search. For more information about VoIP business phone systems, give Nebula Solutions, Inc. a call at (888) 257-0955 today.