4 VoIP Enhancements

VoIP EnhancementsWith the arrival of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), communication network has undergone an absolute transformation in terms of technology, efficacy and usability. In addition, the overall cost of communication has also drastically come down. Such was the impact of this new technology that every business house, including smaller ones, vied for this new technology over the conventional communication over phone. Businesses as well as consumers were absolutely intrigued by the uniqueness of this new technology and frankly speaking, it was the introduction of VoIP technology that impacted the introduction of the concept of business process outsourcing to a great extent. The business fraternity found an array of productivity enhancements in VoIP and this has made the lives of the end users and the employees easier and more efficient, which has subsequently influenced the productivity in a positive way as well.

Here are the 4 VoIP enhancements that have made it such an appealing choice for the business fraternity.

Mobile Access

This is one of the most innovative VoIP enhancements that has made the technology so much adored and acceptable to clients today. This particular productivity enhancement feature helps the end users to access office phone system in a number of ways while they are on move. This gives them the option of using a mobile app or a softphone that is hooked up with a laptop, and checking voicemails, send and receive calls, and even set an out-of-the-office greeting. If the regional or international offices of a company are connected to the VoIP system of the company, it is possible to get connected with the office with the help of a handset. This technology is particularly convenient for professionals who are constantly travelling, and for the companies which have a mobile workforce or a large number of workers working from home.

Outbound SIP Call with Call Agent Mode

Call Agent Mode (CAM) is one of VoIP enhancements that allows dynamic switching of the media streams on or off the CSP RTP channels, with a negligible amount of SIP messages.

Before the advent of this new feature, the CSP used to support the bearer on or off switching of the Call Agent Mode for only inbound calls. The CSP is designed to hook up the inbound leg of a SIP call with a TDM network or with a DSP media service.

This functionality provides the caller the unique option of connecting to an operator in a particular PSTN network. Besides, it also supports the application of DSP services like playing recorded announcements to the inbound leg of the call.

Option of Sending and Receiving SIP Signals using the Same Port

Before the advent of VoIP enhancements, CSP used to receive the inbound SIP signals on a particular User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port. Generally, it was port 5060 by default. It was not possible to change the receiving port at run time.

All the outbound SIP signals used to be sent out on a specific UDP port that was allocated by the CSP at the time of configuring the SIP. The port that was used for handling the outbound SIP signalling from the CSP generally remained constant till SIP was deconfigured.

However, with the introduction of this additional feature as part of VoIP enhancements, the CSP is now capable of sending as well as receiving SIP signals by using the same port as per the configuration set by the host.

Read and Write Access to Contact Header

With the introduction of this feature as part of VoIP enhancements, it is now possible to read as well as write certain fields like Contact Display Name, Contact Parameters, and Contact Username, in the contact header. This gives you the ability to fine tune your contacts to your liking.

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